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Earned Value Management at your fingertips!

X-evm is an easy to use Microsoft Excel ® based tool that allows you to learn the concepts of Earned Value Management quickly and thoroughly. Unlike traditional and expensive tool sets, X-evm guides you directly to the core concepts of EVM in a very intuitive fashion. Dynamic graphing accelerates your learning and empowers you to enhance your project reports accurately. X-evm requires no complicated configuration setups; all you need is Microsoft Excel ®.

For Project Practitioners

If you are looking to grasp the basics of EVM quickly, then X-evm is for you. Now you can go behind the scenes to discover how EVM really works. No complicated setups rare equired. X-evm is built on Microsoft Excel® with easy to navigate layouts and real-time graphs. You can even use X-EVM as a simulator to accelerate your learning or simply use it on your current projects. Now you can impress your peers and clients alike with EVM at your fingertips.

For Firms

Looking to improve the maturity level of your organization? Getting projects demanding EVM, but lack of EVM knowledge impeding your growth?

X-evm offers the versatility and flexibility to quickly grow your team of project managers into a powerful and confident team of project experts capable of managing EVM projects on the fly.

Take advantage of our very affordable learning package that comes with 10 corporate licenses and 1.0hr of instructor led online training. Or, simply download X-evm and and start EVMing your projects today. X-evm is built on Microsoft Excel® and very simple to use.

For Educational Service Providers

Classroom based Educational Service Providers can use X-EVM to enhance their presentation and increase active engagement of students. You can utilize X-EVM to demonstrate how parameters such as SPI, CPI, EV, SV, EAC are calculated and how an EVM graph is generated. A must have tool for any classroom training provider *

* License allows for class room based training only. Use of X-evm for online training (network use) is not authorized per the terms of the license. Click here for the End User Agreement.